KN-95 Face Masks (Non-Medical Use)

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One Size Fits All: Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip.

Wide Application: Both home and Non-Medical professional use.

Performance Standard Compliance: GB2626-2006

95% Filtration performance. Filters particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. Provides a similar level of protection as N95 masks. Helps protect against flu, swine flu, and avian flu. Also, non-toxic filters dust, pollen, allergens, dander, sawdust, garage dust, garden, and general household dust and irritants. Protection type: Anti-PM2.5, Anti-Dust, Anti-Pollen, Anti-Bacterial .54

Material: Kn95 Mask

Layer 1: Non-stick, Non-woven fabric. Waterproof - Block Airborne Pollutants

Layer 2: High Efficiency Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric. Filter Non-Oily Particles

Layer 3: Heat Seal Cotton Non-woven Fabric. Filter Non-Oily Particles

Layer 4: Non-stick, Non-woven Fabric. Soft & Comfortable

Comfortable and Breathable: Made of skin-friendly non-woven fabric, this face mask is lightweight and comfortable.

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